natural resource management services

From fish rescue/salvage to fish presence absence surveys, we provide the permitting, labor, equipment, and reporting you need for your project.

Fish Rescue/Salvage and Relocation

Whether you’re a contractor, government entity, or engineering firm doing a construction project, paying for a construction project, or managing a construction project in a stream or lake, you’ll need to remove fish from the area as required by Oregon and Federal Law.

Let us catch the fish, count and log them, and release them back into safe areas outside of your construction zone. 

We acquire the necessary project information, like the description, timing, size of the area, what species might be there, if those species are listed with the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and what form of ESA coverage the project has secured for handling those species. We use a combination of netting and electrofishing to immobilize and capture fish. Fish are relocated to a safe place outside of the water work area. Then, we report on the numbers of fish handled to the agencies so you don’t have to.

Fish presence Absence Surveys

Oregon Law requires buffer zones be placed around stream and water resources prior to cutting timber. Buffer sizes and land uses vary depending on if the streams are fish bearing.

Point Environmental provides pre-timber harvest stream survey and flagging according to the ODF Surveying Forest Streams for Fish Use Manual using ODF Physical Habitat Survey Criteria with Electrofishing Verification.

We get the permits needed to complete the job, and get to work by flagging trees and marking GPS coordinates where the fish use ends so the Forester marking the timber unit boundary can easily identify these markers in the field. We even take photos at each point, and complete the necessary ODF Fish Presence Absence Survey paperwork.  

We also provide perenniality and other stream surveys. After the survey is complete, you’ll get the following, which can be submitted to ODF or USFS:

  • Completed survey form with photo references
  • Survey photo log
  • A georeferenced survey map
Jenny Johnson Planning and T&E Coordinator Astoria District - ODF
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“Michael Zenthoefer, owner of Point Environmental, was hired in 2014 by the Astoria District of the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) to conduct fish presence/absence surveys via electroshocking. Additionally, he was hired to determine the perennial flow break for non-fish bearing streams. Michael's professionalism was recognized early on in the contract by all our staff that worked with him. Individuals from both ODF and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife worked side by side with him for portions of the field work and all commented on his dedication and professionalism, as well as enthusiasm for the work. Not only was his field work exemplary but his data sheets, maps and written correspondence was very professional as well. 

Those of us working with Michael this year all agree that we would be happy to work with him again and would encourage anyone who might have the opportunity to hire him to do so.”

Jenny Johnson
Planning and T&E Coordinator
Astoria District - ODF
Randy Reeve President Reeve Sherwood Consulting
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“I had the privilege to work with Michael for 7+ years while working for Parametrix. I was Michael's supervisor and I hired him originally to be my on-site environmental inspector for a $40+ million dollar design-build highway construction project.  Michael maintained the sediment and erosion control features and assisted in the work area isolation and the fish removal activities. Michael prepared the various environmental reports necessary for this and other major projects to stay on track.  Needless to say, I needed someone that was very good at observation, communication, and understood environmental and construction issues. Michael worked very well with the construction crews and the state and federal agencies.” 

Randy Reeve
Reeve Sherwood Consulting