Erosion & Sediment Control Compliance

Your erosion and sediment control permit consultant to keep you out of hot water with regulatory agencies.

Point environmental can help whether you...

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Are frustrated you don’t have a qualified erosion and sediment control inspector on staff to complete your permit application.

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Have a permit but the inspector listed isn’t actually planning on doing the work and you know you need to find someone else.

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Have had some serious problems on your site and are seeking third-party help to get through it.

Once you hire us, you no longer have to deal with these issues because we do it for you. Let us get your permit for you, fulfill your inspector requirements for a new or existing permit, and provide some peace of mind with the regulators breathing down your neck.

How this works

We will provide site inspection of erosion, sediment, and pollution control & water quality during construction.

This includes:

  • Maintenance of onsite copies of 1200-C permit and updated erosion and sediment control plan (ESCP) drawings
  • Inspection and documentation of environmental BMPs in accordance with the 1200-C permit requirements
  • Documentation of updates to environmental permits and plans
  • Documentation of spills and measures used to clean up or prevent release to the environment
  • Liaison and coordination with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Environmental site inspection reports
  • Erosion, sediment, and pollution control inspection logs to be kept onsite during active construction
  • Bi-weekly inspections or as required by the 1200-C permit
  • Unit price and hourly rates available
Daniel A Pavela, P.E. Associate, Senior Engineer NW Director of Construction Services
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“Point Environmental has provided T.Y. Lin International’s PNW Operations with timely and accurate information and has been very proactive in handling field reviews. We intend to continue our relationship with ‘Point’ as projects relevant to their services arise.”

Daniel A Pavela, P.E.
Associate, Senior Engineer
NW Director of Construction Services