1200-C Permitting

Your 1200-C permit consultant to help you comply with the environmental regulations for your construction project.

Any construction project that disturbs 1 acre of soil is required to be covered by an Erosion and Sediment Control Permit and site inspector.

Point Environmental can do this for you because:

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We have in the field experience and see first hand where erosion control plans succeed and fail.

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For us, erosion control plans are our passion and specialty, not an after thought of the planning process.

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We can produce and stamp plans without going through a survey and AutoCAD process, saving you thousands of dollars.

How this works

  • We perform a site investigation, do the design or change the design and talk to the local authorities
    to make sure your project is compatible with your local land use. 
  • We fill out a permit application and create the erosion and sediment control plan (ESCP) drawings. 
  • You get a chance to review the permit application and the ESCP design prior to the submittal to DEQ which can take anywhere between 2-4+ weeks to approve.

Additional Resources

Jake Hofeld, P.E. Senior Engineer Waterways consulting, Inc.
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“Point Environmental provides high quality work on my projects and are always responsive and easy to work with. Mike and his team demonstrate a real commitment to environmental stewardship, which is why they are my go-to when I need assistance with navigating the permitting and construction on challenging sites.”

Jake Hofeld, P.E.
Senior Engineer
Waterways consulting, Inc.