2014/2015/2016 Fish Presence/Absence Project
Astoria, OR

Client:  Oregon Department of Forestry

This project involved surveying streams in the Clatsop State Forest for the presence of fish in small streams. The project also included recording the end of perennial flow in each stream segment. Point Environmental sampled remote timber sale units for fish use using a Smith Root LR20B Backpack Electrofisher. Trees were tagged at the end of fish use and perennial break in each stream segment. Geospatial data was recorded using a handheld GPS. Geotagged photos were taken at the end of fish use and perennial break to document stream conditions. Surface water temperatures and conductivity measurements were recorded on field data sheets for each stream segment. The project began in March of 2014 and continued during the spring seasons of 2015 and 2016.  The project was spread over an area of approximately 680 square miles with 155 miles of total stream length surveyed.