Fall Creek Bridge Replacement Fish Salvage
Bend, OR

Client: Marcum & Sons


This Project replaced the existing Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway bridge over Fall Creek. The old structure was a three-span, timber girder structure on timber piling foundations, approximately 58 feet in length with limited freeboard above the water surface.

The new bridge is a single span, voided concrete slab structure approximately 65 feet in length located on the same alignment. The roadway grade and bridge deck elevation were be raised by approximately 3 feet to allow for additional flow volume beneath the structure. 

Point Environmental provided fish removal prior to installation of the traffic detour bridge. The project was started during the early summer of 2017 which is the peak of the snowmelt season along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Highway area. This meant that fall creek was flowing at full volume at a fast pace. 

Using any nets within the current was impossible because of their massive surface area and tendency to drag you downstream.  We used backpack electrofishing in concert with the fast flow to push/scare fish away from the in-water work area. Once immobilized by the electric field the current quickly swept the fish downstream and away from harm while the construction crew proceeded to install large culverts to support a temporary detour road.