Abernathy Landing
Oregon City, OR

Client:  Holt Group, Inc.


The Abernathy Landing Subdivision project is located in Oregon City, Oregon off of Holcomb Blvd. The site is a 30-acre residential housing development totaling 98 lots. Point Environmental provided 1200-C permit inspection throughout development which consists of clearing the land of existing trees, brush, and vegetation, grading to accommodate the lot layout, constructing new roads, curbs, and sidewalks, and installing all utilities. During construction it became necessary to employ an enhanced sand filtration system to clarify stormwater prior to discharging to the adjacent roadside ditch system.  Point Environmental provided planning and oversight for the design and implementation of the system and monitored its use through the winter of 2017/2018. Construction progressed steadily and smoothly through the winter without incident.  Development (lots, roads, and utilities) is now complete and Point Environmental continues to provide 1200-C erosion and sediment control inspection for home construction which has just begun.